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Hector Castillo - Stillo Construction

Hector Castillo

Superintendent/Project Manager

Hector is a proud father of a daughter with a bachelor's degree in sciences and a son who is perusing a career in sports science. After completing his graduate studies in New York City, Hector relocated to Texas in 1993 and settled in the Houston area. His journey in the construction field began in 2005 when he joined Lunco Restoration, where he cultivated valuable skills that he continues to utilize today. Hector has almost two decades of experience overseeing construction projects.

Currently, Hector is employed as the Superintendent/Project Manager for Stillo Construction, where he supervises stucco repairs. He finds fulfillment in working outdoors and takes great pride in ensuring the utmost care for each home under his responsibility. Hector's approach is to treat every home as if it were his own, with the goal of delivering the best possible result for the homeowners.

During his leisure time, Hector enjoys traveling and cherishing precious moments with his family.

I strive to complete my projects in the best way possible, so that when I hand it over to the homeowner, they are happy and have confidence in the repairs done to their home.