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Stucco Repair The Woodlands


Very few siding options achieve the same "wow factor" just like stucco does. Over the years it has gained popularity with residents in The Woodlands, making homes stand out from other brick homes. However, without proper maintenance, stucco comes with its set of issues. When issues do arise, it's crucial to contact an expert.

Stillo Construction is the leading company when it comes to stucco repair in The Woodlands, TX. Request a quote to start your stucco project.
As a construction company that only works on stucco properties, we have 16+ years of specialized experience. Our crews have tackled even the most complex of stucco repairs in The Woodlands. Whether you're noticing cracks in your stucco, or if your stucco looks faded, or even if you're facing water intrusion, there is no project too large.
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The Woodlands Stucco Repair Contractor

While there are quite a few companies offering stucco repair in The Woodlands, many lack the experience required to handle stucco. Unlike other building siding, applying and repairing stucco requires skill and artistry.

At Stillo Construction, we've not only mastered our craft, but also perfected our stucco repair process. Our goal is to not only delivery quality work, but also deliver an enjoyable customer experience. We pride ourselves on being the most reputable stucco repair company in The Woodlands, TX.


Our list of comprehensive stucco repair services include: (but not limited to)

  • Crack Repairs: We expertly seal all cracks in existing stucco to prevent water intrusion and further damage.
  • Recoating & Resurfacing: For faded or discolored stucco, we provide stucco re-coating and resurfacing services.
  • Damage Patching: We patch any holes, impacted areas, or other stucco damage using color-matched materials.
  • Full Wall Reconstruction: If needed, we reconstruct entire stucco walls from scratch if too damaged.

For Stucco Perfection, Contact Stillo Construction

Stucco is a premium siding that requires premium repair services. At Stillo Construction, we've continuously dedicated our company to providing unrivaled quality and service. We not only aim to be the unparalleled leader in stucco, but also a company who's known for placing integrity and honesty above everything.

Get started on your stucco repair project with a free quote from Stillo Construction. Call us today at 281-579-9014 or message us

Our Proven Stucco Repair Process

  • Contact Us: The first step is to contact us. We require an invasive stucco report to give you a quote. Don't have one or don't know what that is? We'll explain it to you!
  • We'll Send You an Estimate: After we closely review your invasive stucco report, we'll be able to provide you with a free estimate.
  • Schedule Repairs After you approve our estimates, we'll schedule a day that works for you. Our crew will arrive on time, and carryout all required repairs.

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