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Houston Stucco Installer


Over the years, stucco has increased in popularity and many property owners have opted for this elegant siding. Aside from the aesthetics, stucco is a great option due to its versatility and durability. It can last for over 50 years if installed right and maintained properly. However, stucco installation is a complex process that requires the expertise of a professional stucco installer.

At Stillo Construction, we take great pride in being the #1 Houston stucco installer. While there are companies that offer stucco installation as one of their 20+ services, stucco has been our specialty since the day we started in 2008! From single family homes to high rise condos, Stillo Construction is fit to handle the largest of projects while paying attention to the smallest details.
We offer new stucco construction for the following:

  • Residential homes
  • Multi-Family units
  • Retail stores
  • + More

Avoid expensive repairs down the line by hiring Stillo Construction, the best Houston stucco installer. Call 281-579-9014 to get started.

Expert Stucco Installation in Houston, TX

Over the course of our 15 years, a big part of our business has been stucco repair and stucco remediation. A lot of our remediation work comes from stucco which was not installed properly, which ends up leading to water intrusion. Whether it's from contractors cutting corners, or contractors who just don't have the expertise, these errors end up costing property owners thousands of dollars in repairs.

This is why it's imperative to hire an expert Houston stucco installer like Stillo Construction. Aside from the general complexity of installing stucco, we also take into consideration our ever-changing Texas weather. We have our multi-step installation process down to a science, guaranteeing long-lasting quality and stucco appearance. We'll get the job done right, the first time.

Why Choose Stillo Construction:

  • 15 years in business
  • Specialized in stucco
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Fully Insured

Beware of Cheap Stucco Installers in Houston

Just like you, we love a good deal. However, when one of your biggest investments is at risk, you want to be wary on who you hire. When looking for a Houston stucco installer, you want to look for the best quality of work. Beware of stucco companies who quote you super-low prices. As the saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

While we are not the cheapest stucco installation company in Houston, we do offer competitive pricing. We truly believe that you won't find another company that offers the same quality of work and customer service at our price.

We offer free, no-obligation estimates for our stucco installation service. We're able to guarantee our service because we are in full control of each project. Everyone from the project manager, to quality control manager, to sandblaster, is a permanent employee of Stillo Construction and adheres to our high-quality standards.

We back up our stucco installation services with a 10 Year warranty and are ready to work on your property. Call us today at 281-579-9014

Our Houston Stucco Installation Process

  • Contact Stillo

    We make it very easy to update your property to stucco. After you contact us, we'll schedule an appointment to inspect your property and discuss in detail your project needs.
  • Get An Estimate

    Taking everything we spoke about in our initial meeting; we'll start preparing a written stucco installation estimate. We'll send it to you for your review.
  • We'll Get to Work

    After a $500 deposit is paid to get on our 1–2-week schedule lead-time, we’ll provide you with a preliminary contract for you to review and sign. A project manager will keep you updated on the progress of the project, and a quality control manager will inspect all critical phases.

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Stucco Installation FAQs

There are many benefits to choosing stucco as siding for your property. It's very customizable as well as resistant. When installed correctly and maintained by a professional like Stillo Construction, it can last for decades.

As mentioned, stucco is a very durable material and can last from 50 years and more with proper maintenance.

Stillo Construction has specialized in stucco installation and repair for over 15 years. We are the company that property owners hire after other stucco installers have done a bad job.

Installation time varies, and will depend on the scope of work. Once we view your property and prepare an estimate for you, we'll provide you with a project timeline.

While stucco is durable, it does require maintenance due to Houston weather. We offer maintenance plans for both existing customers and new customers.

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