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Industry-Leading Stucco Warranty

Have Peace of Mind When Choosing Stillo Construction

We offer a 10-year warranty on new construction stucco application and complete reclads that are done 100% by Stillo with no intermediate party’s and directly Stillo and the property owners.

Stillo’s warranty offers a 2-year transferable warranty against water-intrusion as it pertains to stucco remediation/repairs/maintenance and with the option to extend for the life of the home as long as we are hired for the maintenance.

Stillo’s warranty on exterior elastomeric coating/exterior painting is 2 to 5-year warranty and covers excessive fading and or peeling/blistering of the elastomeric coating.

Finally and certainly not least; Stillo offers a 3-year warranty against water-intrusion on all rooftop terrace water-management system with new membrane and stainless metal flashing system.
What is included under Stillo’s warranty against water-intrusion:

  • STILLO warrants against stucco related leaks into the wall cavity and plywood substrate conditions found by the licensed stucco inspector to be soft or semi soft on areas probed in the original stucco inspection. Water testing and further nonintrusive investigation will take effect before any stucco is removed to follow the water trail. In such event that the source of the water intrusion into the wall cavity is discovered to originate from a faulty building component other than the stucco, it is the PROPERTY OWNER’s responsibility to have said faulty building component repaired or replaced. STILLO may still cover the removal and replacement of stucco and damaged substrate, but warranty may be voided if faulty building components that may compromise the integrity of wall system aren’t repaired or replaced in a timely manner.
  • Exterior and wall cavity damage caused by failing sealants, failing balcony and/or window flashings, failing kickout-flashings.
  • Finding the source of the leak by water-testing as needed.
  • Stucco and structural framing members replacement/repairs/remediation caused by failure of any of the above components.
  • Complete stucco elastomeric coating/painting includes a 2–5-year warranty against peeling or bubbling.

What is excluded under Stillo’s warranty against water-intrusion:

  • Upgrades or repairs to wall surface areas that were not probed by the original inspector.
  • Hairline cracks thinner than the thickness of a credit card .76 millimeters. Hairline cracking is common with stucco homes. Stucco doesn’t have tensile strength and Houston’s soil is not very solid, therefore settle cracks in many cases are inevitable. However, STILLO’s warranty covers sealing/caulking the cracks in efforts to avoid water intrusion.
  • An exact stucco color match if repairs are needed. The extended warranty would not include a complete exterior paint job, but just painting of the areas repaired up to the nearest control joint or natural break on the wall.
  • Window replacement if the source of water intrusion is found to be from a faulty window.
  • Damage caused in whole or in part by acts of God or a natural phenomenon including but not limited to, falling objects, fire, earthquake, floods, windstorm, radiation, chemical fumes or foreign substances in the atmosphere, misuse, vandalism, civil disobedience, or act of war.
  • Consequential or incidental interior damages such as drywall, paint, wood floors, trim work, hotel accommodations, pet boarding, pool maintenance, carpet or any interior building components.
  • Painting the sealants/caulking.

Want to extend your warranty?
At the end of the two-year warranty, PROPERTY OWNER have the option to extend their warranty by re-hiring us to maintain the sealant at the current sealant cost and submitting a new independent stucco inspection report from the original inspector prior to the warranty expiration date. Cost of the new stucco inspection is to be covered by the PROPERTY OWNER.
One of the reasons why customers choose Stillo Construction over the competition is our industry-leading stucco warranty. Call 281-579-9014 to learn more