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Stucco Window Replacement

We'll Prevent Water Intrusion


Stillo specializes in stucco repair/remediation caused by water intrusion into the internal wall cavity that, if left unmaintained, results in costly damage to your home's structure. Many times we find that the source of the water intrusion is caused by damaged, faulty windows or even improper installation of a window itself. Therefore, we have launched our new branch to the Stillo brand, Replacement Windows, by Stillo, LLC.

Did you know that the proper way to install windows on a stucco home is to remove the stucco directly around all sides of the window and install new construction-type windows to weatherproof internally and behind the stucco? By installing replacement-type windows without nailing fins, your only defense against water intrusion is a bead of caulking between the stucco and the window frame.
After the caulking ages, the penetration between the stucco and the window frame becomes vulnerable to water intrusion that can cause 10's of thousand of dollars in damage to the structure.

Prevent future headaches and expensive repairs, call Stillo Construction for your stucco window replacement needs at 281-579-9014

Our Stucco Window Replacement Process

  • Contact Stillo


    Replacing your windows is very easy. The first step is to give us a call to schedule a free, on-site vistit. From there we'll see what your needs are.
  • Get An Estimate

    Based on our visit and conversation, we'll create a window replacement / repair estimate for you to review.

  • We'll Get To Work


    After you agree to our estimate, we'll create a preliminarily contract for you to sign. We'll then start replacing your windows.

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Window Replacement FAQs

From full stucco construction, to total remediation, our company specializes in stucco. When you choose us for window replacement, you'll be working with a specialist.

The cost will depend on if you only need window replacement, or if remediation work is needed. Often times we've found that faulty windows have caused underlying issues which need to be fixed. You'll always know beforehand what repairs will cost.

Of course! Stucco remediation is our specialty, and makes up for a large percent of our projects.

We belive in always using the highest quality of materials when it comes to stucco construction and repair. Windows used for stucco replacement are no different. We use windows by Pella, and NT Window.

As a construction company, we love a DIY project. However window replacement for stucco properties is better left to a professional like Stillo Construction. Not only do you run the risk of cracking stucco and exposing your property to moisture, you also may not be able to identify underlying issues.

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