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Stucco Remediation


Stucco is a cement-based coating applied to a building's exterior. It provides aesthetic appeal while also weatherproofing and protecting the structure underneath. However, issues like improper window flashing and roof leaks can cause water intrusion, which leads to extensive damage to your home.

When your home is facing water intrusion, simple repairs are not enough. Full stucco remediation services are required to prevent further structural damage and expensive repairs down the road.
Stillo Construction offers expert stucco remediation services to treat water intrusion & prevent further damage. Get a free remediation quote now.
At Stillo Construction, our services revolve around stucco install, repair and stucco remediation. Since we started our company in 2008, we've performed remediation on thousands of properties all over the city.

What is stucco remediation?

Unlike simple repairs, stucco remediation is a process of identifying the true cause of water intrusion, examining the extent of the damage, and properly rectifying all issues.

In many cases, we've arrived at a stucco property that looks like it has minimal damage, only to find large areas of rotting wood behind all the stucco. While this may not sound alarming, water damage can cause mold growth that can compromise the integrity of a property, and lead to potential health hazards. This is why it's crucial to contact a stucco remediation company like Stillo Construction.


Stillo Construction is Your Stucco Remediation Expert

At Stillo Construction, we combine our 16 years of expertise with artistry to deliver the highest-quality of stucco remediation. Unlike other sidings, stucco requires true craftsmanship that can only be obtained with years of hands-on experience.

Over the years, our company has performed stucco remediation on all types of properties including residential homes, multi-family units, and commercial properties. Many of our customers have hired us after having initially hired another stucco company who either cut corners or lacked experience. That will never be the case with us, all of our work is backed by an industry leading warranty.
Here are some common causes of water intrusion that have led customers to hire us for stucco remediation:

  • Improper window flashing
  • Missing door flashing
  • Poor sealing around pipes
  • Clogged rain gutters
  • Roof leaks
  • + More

Regardless of the cause of water intrusion, our comprehensive approach and warranty ensures that your issues will be handled right, the first time. Aside from our regular warranty, we also offer the option to extend our warranty against water-intrusion as long as we are hired to perform routine stucco maintenance.

Here are reasons why customers love working with Stillo Construction:

  • Specialized Expertise: With 15+ year's experience with stucco, Stillo Construction has the expertise to diagnose and remedy complex stucco failures.
  • Warrantied Workmanship: We firmly stand behind our stucco services. All of our labor comes with a 2-10 year warranty against water intrusion.
  • Highly-Rated: As a reputable stucco company, our company not only delivers high-quality work, but also exceptional customer service. This has gained us over 80+ 5 Star reviews.

Contact Us For Stucco Remediation!

With satisfied customers, our name has rightfully become synonymous with superior stucco craftsmanship around the Houston area. Homeowners, architects and general contractors alike recognize Stillo Construction as the premier stucco remediation expert. We can't wait to for you to join or long list of satisfied customers!

Protect your largest investment, contact Stillo Construction for superior stucco remediation. Our estimates are 100% free.

Our Stucco Remediation Process

  • Contact Us: The first step is to contact us with an invasive stucco report provided by a licensed stucco inspector. If you don't have one, contact us for a list of vendors.
  • Get An Estimate: After closely reviewing your invasive stucco report, we'll send you an estimate within 24-36 hours.
  • We Get to Work! Upon approval, we'll schedule a day to carry out the stucco remediation process. Your project manager will keep you updated through the process.

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Stucco Remediation FAQs

Remediation addresses the underlying causes of moisture damage, not just surface-level damage. This ensures water won't penetrate again and cause structural issues

The cost to carry our stucco remediation will greatly depend on the extent of the damage. However, once you provide us with an invasive stucco report, we'll provide you with a free quote. You'll always know what the costs will be upfront.

Depending on the size of your property and the extent of the damage, remediation can take 1-4 weeks. Our team will work diligently to complete remediation on time.

Sometimes, but it really depends on your policy. Natural wear-and-tear is often excluded. Speak to your agent regarding coverage specifics or give us a call.

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