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Stucco Repair Bellaire, TX

We'll Bring Your Home Back Up To Your Standards


While stucco makes any home look stunning, it can suffer damage over time due to various factors such as weather, poor installation, and age. If these issues are not addressed promptly, they can lead to more serious problems such as moisture damage, mold growth, or even structural instability.

Stillo Construction provides expert stucco repair service in Bellaire, TX and surrounding areas. Call us at 281-579-9014 for a free estimate.

From minor repairs to major renovations, you can count on us for everything related to stucco repairs in Bellaire TX. When choosing Stillo, you can be sure that your stucco-related repairs will be performed right, the first time. Our high-quality services are tailored to the specific needs of your home.

Why Customer Choose Stillo Construction:

  • Serving Bellaire, Texas Since 2008
  • Durable Stucco Repair
  • Professional Results
  • Free Estimates

When Working With Stillo, You Can Expect:

  • Quality Work: As a family-owned company, we take great pride in our craft, which we've been perfecting for close to 2 decades now. We pay attention to the smallest detail to deliver work that will exceed your expectations.
  • Professionalism: Besides the quality of work, our customers love working with us because we deliver on our word. We adhere to project timelines and budgets, always doing what we said we would do.
  • The Right Price: We're confident that you won't be able to find another stucco contractor with the same level of service at our pricing.

We Offer Both Remediation and Stucco Repair in Bellaire,TX

Unlike stucco repair which is fitted for surface-level issues, stucco remediation is a more comprehensive approach to more serious stucco damage. Our stucco remediation service addresses the real underlying issues, which reduces costly repairs down the line.

Whether your Bellaire home needs stucco crack repair, texture matching,  or water intrusion remediation, hiring us ensures that the job is done right. We offer the best warranty in the industry.


Full-Service Bellaire Stucco Repair Services

  • Stucco Repair: Our stucco repair services include crack repair, texture matching, and color matching. We also fix stucco which has suffered moisture damage, impact damage, or other types of damage that affects the aesthetic appearance of the finish.
  • Stucco Painting Services: Stucco painting is an effective way to add color and protection to your stucco surface. We provide high-quality stucco painting services that are designed to enhance the appearance and durability of your stucco finish.
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) Installation and Repair: EIFS is a type of exterior insulation and finish system that can be used to provide additional insulation and weather protection to your building. At Stillo Construction, we also provide EIFS installation and repair services that are designed to improve the energy efficiency and functionality of your home.

Your home deserves the best, call Stillo Construction at 281-579-9014 to get started.

Easy Bellaire Stucco Repair Process

  • Contact Stillo In order for us to provide you with an estimate, you'll first have to get an invasive stucco report performed by a licensed inspector. Give us a call for recommendations.

  • Get An Estimate Once you send us this report, we'll be able to provide you with an estimate within 1-3 business days.

  • We'll Get To Work If you approve our estimate, we'll send you a contract for you to review and sign. We can then start working on repairing your stucco home and make it as beautiful as ever.

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Bellaire Stucco Repair FAQs

Stillo Construction specializes in all types of stucco repairs, including cracks, holes, and water intrusion related damage.

Yes! We offer free stucco repair estimates. All you have to do is get an invasive stucco inpsection, email us that report, and we'll have a free estimate prepared for you.

Absolutely! We are proud to offer industry leading warranty for all of our services. You can read more about our stucco warranty here.

The most common signs that indicate the need for stucco repair in your home include cracking, chipping, or flaking of the stucco finish. Additionally, moisture spots or stains on the stucco surface or walls can also indicate potential damage that requires repair.

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